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Monroe K. Spears Award

THE MONROE KIRK SPEARS AWARD is presented annually to honor the distinguished and humane career of the late Professor Monroe K. Spears, sometime editor of the Sewanee Review and Libbie Shearn Moody Professor Emeritus at Rice University.

Because everything Professor Spears wrote is marked by clarity, economy, and felicity of expression and by elegant and discerning interpretation, the award recognizes the essay published in each volume of SEL Studies in English Literature 1500-1900 that most nearly achieves these qualities and that has given the editors the greatest pleasure to read.

Volume 57 Award Recipient:

Will Pritchard

for his Summer 2017 essay

"Pamela's Wedding Night"


The endowment to support this award has been generously provided by the Hobby Family Foundation.

Previous Award Recipients:
Volume 56 Award Recipients- Michael Ursell
for his Winter 2016 essay, "Interinanimation and Lifelessness in John Donne's Book Studies"
and Geoff Quilley
for his Autumn 2016 essay, "Reenacting Cook's Voyages in Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture"
Volume 55 Award Recipient- Shannon Kelley
for her Winter 2015 essay, "Amber, the Heliades, and the Poetics of Trauma in Marvell's 'The Nymph Complaining'"
 Volume 54 Award Recipients- Joshua Phillips
for his Winter 2014 essay, "Monasticism and Idleness in Spenser's Late Poetry"
and James O'Rourke
for his Autumn 2014 essay, "What Never Happened: Social Amnesia in Sense and Sensibility"
 Volume 53 Award Recipient- Charles LaPorte
for his Autumn 2013 essay, "Aurora Leigh, A Life Drama, and Victorian Poetic Autobiography"
 Volume 52 Award Recipient- Lawrence Frank
for his Autumn 2012 essay, "In Hamlet's Shadow: Mourning and Melancholia in Little Dorrit"
 Volume 51 Award Recipient- Jason Sider Jost
for his Summer 2011 essay, "The Afterlife and The Spectator"
 Volume 50 Award Recipient- Rebecca Totaro
for her Spring 2010 essay, "Securing Sleep in Hamlet"
Volume 49 Award Recipient- Lauren Gillingham
for her Autumn 2009 essay, "Ainsworth's Jack Sheppard and the Crimes of History"
Volume 48 Award Recipient- Sarah Wall-Randell
for her Spring 2008 essay, "Doctor Faustus and the Printer's Devil"
Volume 47 Award Recipient- Deborah Needleman Armintor
for her Summer 2007 essay, "The Sexual Politics of Microscopy in Brobdingnag"
Volume 46 Award Recipient- Catherine Thomas
for her Spring 2006 essay,"Chaste Bodies and Poisonous Desires in Milton's Mask"
Volume 45 Award Recipient- Adam McKeown
for his Winter 2005 essay, "Looking at Britomart Looking at Pictures"
Volume 44 Award Recipient- Peter Berek
for his Spring 2004 essay, "Cross-Dressing, Gender, and Absolutism in the Beaumont and Fletcher Plays"
Volume 43 Award Recipient- Margaret Russett
for her Autumn 2003 essay, "Meter, Identity, Voice: Untranslating Christabel"
Volume 42 Award Recipient- Jack Lynch
for his Summer 2002 essay, "Samuel Johnson's 'Love of Truth'' and Literary Fraud"
Volume 41 Award Recipient- Susan L. Ferguson
for her Autumn 2001 essay, "Dickens's Public Readings and the Victorian Author"
Volume 40 Award Recipient- Penny McCarthy
for her Winter 2000 essay,"'Milksop Muses' or Why Not Mary?"
Volume 39 Award Recipient- Elisabeth G. Gitter
for her Autumn 1999 essay,"The Blind Daughter in Charles Dickens's Cricket on the Hearth"
Volume 38 Award Recipient- Blair Hoxby
for his Winter 1998 essay,"Milton's Steps in Time"
Volume 37 Award Recipient- Mark Womack
for his Winter 1997 essay,"On the Value of Lycidas"